• Imo State University


The information, knowledge, skills or attitudes needed for the survival of an individual are acquired through exposures to disciplines. These acquired knowledge or skills need to be transmitted and transferred from one generation to another, otherwise man faces extinction.

The department therefore exists to explore and transmit the best ways of acquiring and transferring these desired skills. The historical, religions and arts knowledge and pedagogical skills offered by the department inculcate in the graduates the spirit of self-reliance, positive image and balanced personality which are needed in the present day human endeavours.

Programmes housed in the Department are B.Sc:

  • i) Education History

  • ii) Education Religion

  • iii) Education Fine & Applied Arts


Seeks to acquaint her undergraduate student-teachers with the cumulative trends of past events that are relevant to current problems, needs and aspirations of the immediate and wider world, as well as the acquisition of the pedagogical skills and strategies to contribute positively and remarkably in the improvement of Nigerian educational system, and also become teachers without borders.


The department envisions to have sound, critically minded and balanced graduate teachers in History, Religion and Fine & Applied Arts who will contribute to national and international debate and occupy enviable positions where they will be consulted for the development of educational, social, political, economic and cultural lives of the Nigerian states.

Admission Requirements


For admission into the Four year degree programme, leading to award of a B.A (Ed) degree, in the listed disciplines, candidates should possess at least, credit passes in five subjects including. English Language, Mathematics, History/Government, Religion and Fine and Applied Arts respectively and any other two subjects obtained in not more than two sittings of O'level examinations (GCE, SSCE).

Direct Entry:

For admission through direct entry into the 3year degree leading to the award of a BA. (ED) degree, candidates should possess.
A) Three papers at the A'level examinations especially English Language and their various disciplines of History, Religion and Fine and Applied Arts, in addition to the normal five subjects obtained at O’levels as mentioned above.
B) NCE with at least passes in either history, Religion and Fine and Applied Arts, the second subject and Education theory. A minimum of six points by the point system excluding education practice qualify the candidate for a four-year degree programme.
C) For admission into the three year degree programme leading to a B.A (Ed) degree, candidates should possess at least overall merit passes in English language, the second subject and Education theory (at least 9 points shall be earned by the candidate, Education practice points do not count).