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The Department of Chemistry is one of the eight departments in the Faculty of Science along with Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics/Statistics, Plant Science and Biotechnology, Animal and Environmental Biology, Biochemistry and Microbiology. It offers four year programme leading to the award of B.Sc. Honours degree in Chemistry for both Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry options. The Department offers services in general and other desired areas to students in other departments in Faculty of Science, Faculties of Agriculture, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Education, Medicine and Health Sciences.

Philosophy and Objectives

Chemistry is a foundation discipline in the Sciences. It deals with the nature and properties of matter and the principles governing the interactions within and between them. It thus provides the basis for understanding chemical processes and for developing new products from existing ones. Chemistry as a science is an essential pivot to science and technological development and therefore of national growth and attendant contribution to human welfare, health and progress. A difficulty often encountered is to know how to apply the information obtained and the theoretical concepts learnt in solving chemical problems. The programmes are aimed to solve this problem.

The degree programmes are planned to present chemistry in a clear, down to earth manner that emphasizes the general principles of chemistry and blend this with practical examples which can be applied for human benefits or harm and assure our graduates employment opportunities or an environment whereby they could be creative, innovative and seek self-employment. The Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry options aim at training manpower capable of i. translating into practical use the knowledge and understanding of chemistry with special reference to health, industry, mines and power, transport, science and technology; ii. devising chemical processes for the conversion of available materials into more desirable ones. For example, converting available minerals, animal and vegetable matter into industrial raw materials; iii. teaching chemistry competently in schools and polytechnics with inspiring knowledge of the theoretical principles and laboratory skills; iv. advancing the frontiers of knowledge in chemistry through teaching and research.

The goals highlighted above are important for meaningful national development. This obviously entails that there is need for the chemistry graduate in industry, education, etc. Also, because of the basic nature of the subject, the discipline offers service courses up to the 300 level to students in the Faculties of Agriculture, Medicine, Health Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Sciences and Education. Chemistry courses are also audited by students in the other disciplines in the Faculty of Science.

Admission Requirements


Intending candidates for admission into the Chemistry programme would be required to obtain a minimum of five Credit passes in the SSCE or it equivalent at not more than two sittings in the following subjects: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and English Language. The candidates must also take Chemistry and any two of Physics, Biology and Mathematics in the University Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and must obtain the minimum required cumulative in this examination as may be stipulated by JAMB and the University. In addition, the University also conducts a Post UTME screening test for qualified candidates only as a way of ensuring that only the best are admitted.

Direct Entry:

The Department does not admit candidates through the Direct Entry mode.