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As a matter of fact, the degree programme of English and literary Studies have been graduating students since the 1996/1997 academic session when the Imo State University Owerri sent forth its batch of first graduates. We are glad to place it on record that our products have effectively dispensed the knowledge they have acquired through the discipline in whichever professional environment they have found themselves since then. This very high standard established by the founding fathers is what the staff of this discipline is committed to sustaining.

Philosophy and Objectives

The English Language/Literature Programme’s Philosophy and Objectives essentially derive from its humanizing nature. Being one of the foremost disciplines of the Humanities, the discipline aims principally at exposing the students to the high points of social and cultural values the world over. This is intended to be achieved through intense linguistic and literary analyses.
These goals are pursued through academic and research engagements in the two-pronged title of the programme.


The English Language component of the programme seeks to:
i. Expose students to the fundamentals of English as a major international language.
ii. Study the language as an embodiment of the main principles and the ever-developing theories and practices of linguistics.
iii. Study the language in comparative terms with other world languages internationally recognized or not). In this regard, international, regional and local considerations are key to his appreciation.


The literature component of the programme seeks to:
i. expose students to the ever-vibrant literary creations of the world’s best minds.
ii. Through the study of the principles, current theories and practices of literary analysis, furnish students with a sound knowledge of the practical world in which they live.
iii. Through these studies students apply their knowledge towards becoming the total person needed for national development and be equipped for further studies in the discipline as well as other relative disciplines.

Admission Requirements


To qualify for admission, a candidate must possess at least credit level passes in five subjects which mush include English Language and Literature in English at the SSCE, GCE ‘0’ Level, NECO or their equivalents.