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The department of Educational Foundation and counseling is one of the departments in the faculty of Education. The courses run in the department stand as prerequisite in the course outline of many other departments in the faculty in order to meet the required NUC standard.

Programmes housed in the Department are B.Sc:

  • i) Education Guidance and Counseling


To train professional counselors and teachers that are dynamic, dedicated, resourceful, creative and humane, to apply educational psychological principles to achieve qualitative and transformative educational programmes.


To produce effective and efficient teachers and counselors that will contribute meaningfully to educational and socio-economic development of the society as the scope of the programme covers the three major aims of Guidance and Counseling which include Educational Counseling, vocational / career Counseling, Socio-Personal Counseling, Sensitivity Training, practicum and special Educational needs.

Philosophy and Objectives Of The Programme

The philosophy of Education is necessarily derived from the National Policy on Education. The National Philosophy is in turn based on the following general aspirations of Nigeria as contained in section 1 paragraph 1 of the National Policy on Education:
(a) A free and democratic society,
(b) A just and egalitarian society,
(c) A united, strong and self-reliant nation,
(d) A great and dynamic economy,
(e) A land of bright and full opportunity for all citizens.

The goals of Education are in turn, derived from these statements.
A faculty of Education should, therefore, be able to enhance the development of the following:
(i) Respect for the work and dignity of the individual
(ii) Faith in man's ability to make rational decision,
(iii) Moral and spiritual values in inter-personal and human-relations,
(iv) Respect for the dignity of labour and promotion of the emotional, physical and psychological health of all children,
(v) Shared responsibility for the common good of society,
(vi) The inculcation of the right type of values and attitudes for the survival of the individual and the Nigerian Society.
(vii) The inculcation of National consciousness and national unity
(viii) The training of the mind in the understanding of the world around and
(ix) The acquisition of appropriate skills, abilities and competencies both mental and physical as equipment for the individual to live in and contribute to the development of his society.

To make the philosophy functional, the National Policy in section 5 and 9 provides details of these goals under Higher Education in general and Teacher Education in particular. The provisions -as contained in section 5 are as follows:
(a) The acquisition, development and inculcation of the proper value- orientation for the survival of the individuals and society.
(b) The development of the intellectual capacities of individuals to understand and appreciate their environments,
(c) The acquisition of both physical and intellectual skills which will enable individuals to develop into useful members of the community.
(d) The acquisition of an objective view of the local and external environments.

In addition to the traditional roles of the universities namely:
(i) Teaching
(ii) Research
(iii) The dissemination of existing and new information
(iv) The pursuit of service to the community
(v) Being a storehouse of knowledge

The philosophy of guidance and counseling as derived from the national philosophy of education in Nigeria.

Admission Requirements


Five credit passes including English language and mathematics at the SSCE or equivalent in not more than two sittings are required for Guidance and Counseling in addition to acceptable pass in University Post JAMB screening exercise and UTME.

Direct Entry:

In addition to the SSCE requirement the candidate must have NCE with passes at credit/merit level or above in the areas/subject combinations.

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