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Microbiology, the study of microorganisms, is an exceptionally broad discipline servicing specialties as diverse as medicine, and related health sciences, molecular biology, agriculture, botany, biochemistry, genetics, taxonomy, environmental science, food technology etc. This is as a result of the many characteristics which microorganisms possess which make them ideal subjects for the investigation of biological phenomena. Microbiology, therefore, provides the experimental and research material for the discovery of the molecular basis of biological functions and for industrial applications.

In this regard, microbiology as a discipline has continued to be very rewarding in various aspects of human activities. The applied uses of bacteria and other microorganisms in the production of alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals, food supplement, industrial, laboratory and hospital chemicals, vaccines etc are of immense benefit to man.


In order to meet up with, as well as address, the ever growing demands of the global population, our vision is to build capacity in the area of microbiology. This is by way of producing knowledgeable and skillful graduates who are employable and capable of applying microbiology in many fields of study.


Our mission is to promote the knowledge and application of microbiology in all fields where microbiology is required by offering training in microbiology to our students and students in disciplines requiring the service of microbiology.

Philosophy and Objectives

The Microbiology programme of the Imo State University is based on the philosophy of developing the appropriate manpower to satisfy the increased demand for microbiologists in the public and private sectors of the nation’s economy. The major objective is to train Microbiology graduates who would engage themselves not only in profitable private and public sector participation, but also contribute meaningfully in diverse research activities in the subject and allied areas. Furthermore, the programme aims at inculcating into our graduates a good entrepreneurial culture, excellent communication skills, computer literacy, problem solving and life-long learning specific skills. These graduates would in turn contribute to the building of national identity and integrity. Thus, programme in Microbiology gives a broad exposure to the students in the theory and practice of Microbiology and emphasizes their applications in Medicine, Environment, Industry, Agriculture, Biotechnology and other related areas. To achieve this, we commit ourselves to delivering quality educational experience to our students.

Admission Requirements


For Admission through University Matriculation Examination, the duration is four years. Candidates would be required to obtain a minimum of Five Credits at not more than two sittings in the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English language.

Direct Entry:

Candidates in addition to satisfying the same requirements above, should possess three A-Level passes (Grade A-E) (Biology inclusive) at advanced level in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics; or a good Diploma/OND from recognized institutions.

Admission is also offered in Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Microbiology and Master of Science (M.Sc) in Medical Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology and Industrial Microbiology. Candidates are required to possess good degrees from recognized institutions.