• Imo State University


The Plant Science Biotechnology (PSB) (Botany)programme is designed to train students in all aspects of botany. The students at the end of their programme of studies are expected to know the basic structure, functioning and diversity of plants; be aware of the environments under which plants grow; understand the roles plants play in their respective environments, especially in the maintenance of environmental stability and as primary producers; be aware of the immense benefits of plants and plant products to man; have sufficient knowledge of the diseases that tend to destroy them, and to acquire sufficient skills in the new areas of biocontrol and biotechnology for innovative contributions to societal welfare.

Botany, as a discipline, has to be made relevant to the needs of both the individual and the nation. To this end, the programme has been designed to give students the broad type of education which will enable them to see Botany in its wider context. It is not based on the traditional cutting of the plant and studying its anatomy or memorizing as many plant names as possible, but ensures that the role of plants in the life of the individual, in the economy, and in the survival of the nation is emphasized. In summary therefore, it is the core objective of the academic programme, to produce sound and innovative graduates who, from their skills, knowledge of plants and plant products cannot only participate in discussions, conferences, workshops and symposia of botanical nature, but can also make major break-throughs capable of transforming the economy of the nation, thereby enhancing the quality of life of our people.

The programme is designed to expose students to the fundamental principles of the biological sciences and to give depth to the various aspects of botany including herbal medicines and bioprospecting.


The aim of the programme is to train students in all aspects of plant science with a view to equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills needed in using plants and plant products to contribute relevantly to the growth of the national economy and enhance the quality of life of the people living in the society.


Therefore the programme leeks:
• To train students to acquire basic knowledge for understanding Plant Biology (Botany)
• To train students to acquire sufficient hand on experience in the use of laboratory equipment.
• To equip students with a broad range of knowledge and skill to go into the job market.
• To prepare students for further studies in plant pathology, plant genetics, plant taxonomy, plant physiology etc.
• To install in students the appreciation of the significance of the plant Biology (botany) programme in the contemporary world.
• To educate students for positions in conservation and biodiversity area which leads to sustainable development?

Admission Requirements


Candidates are expected to obtain five credits in five subjects including English and Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics in the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE); or the West African School Certificate Examination; or the General Certificate of Education O' Level; or its equivalent. The five credits must not be obtained in more than two sittings.

Direct Entry:

Candidates are expected to obtain passes at "Principal Level" in the Higher School Certificate -Examination or General Certificate of Education A' Level or its equivalent in Botany or Biology and Chemistry.