• Imo State University


The department of psychology, Imo state University, Owerri, started in 1995/1996 academic session with a student population of 43 under the headship of Mrs. Chioma Joyce Onukogu. The student’s population has gradually increased over the years. The department graduated its first batch of students in the 1998/1999 session. The department runs a four year academic program leading to the award of a Bachelor by Science (B.Sc.) Honours degree in Psychology.


By divine mandate, one of man’s major duties on earth is to conquer and advance the earth. The human person to carrying out this seemingly difficult duty must understand himself, his environment and others around him. Man who is made up of the spirit, body and soul is ruled by his behaviour. His behaviour is shaped by hereditary, biological and environmental factors and, of course, these variables individually and interactively govern who he develops to be and his general and daily conducts. Psychology’s main aim is to understand man’s behaviour and how his environment influences him. In doing this, Psychologists concentrate on behaviour modification, control and prevention of unwanted behaviours, modelling of acceptable behaviours and indeed, corporate behaviour existence of human beings which yields community, national and global developments. In the long term, knowledge of the science of psychology will equip students to tackle problems such as:
a) Conducting relevant research that will provide basis for social policy formulation.
b) Providing effective and functional counselling and therapeutic services.
c) Providing business consultancy services.
d) Engaging in employee training and manpower development services.
e) Providing educational and cultural development programmes.
f) Conducting family and marriage counselling and psychotherapeutic services.
g) Assisting in career and vocational counselling.
h) Assisting in behaviour modification and other behavioural therapies.
i) Assisting in the management of psychosomatic disorders, substance use disorders and mental illnesses, etc.
j) Providing rehabilitation services.
k) Conducting psychological assessment such as intelligence testing, aptitude testing, neurological testing etc.
l) Providing gender selection services, weight management services, men’s health solution services, psychological adjustment services, personnel selection services as well as retirement preparation services.


At Imo State University, the undergraduate degree in psychology is built around the following goals: 1. To give the students a firm background in the general discipline of psychology. Emphasis is on the principles, methods and philosophy of psychological investigation of human and animal behaviour. The stress area is the interdependence of the biological, psychological and socio cultural influences on human behaviour. 2. To see students through a training and experience that will enable them to take up careers as psychologists in applied fields like education, medicine, administration, industry, law, commerce, the prison, police, armed forces, social welfare etc. with particular reference to the needs of Nigeria and Africa in the context of which research is to be carried out.

Admission Requirements


In addition to the general entry requirements of Imo State University, Owerri, candidates for admission into the discipline of psychology are required to have at least a credit pass in English Language, Mathematics, Biology any two subjects at the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSC), General Certificate Examinations (GCE) or National Examinations Council (NECO).

Direct Entry:

There is no direct entry for the undergraduate programme.